• Daikin 9.5kw FTXM95PVMA Split system

Daikin 9.5kw FTXM95PVMA Split system


Indoor unit FTXM95PVMA/ Outdoor unit RXM95PVMA

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Product Description

The P-Series split air conditioner series will provide the most energy efficient heating and cooling for your home

Indoor unit FTXM95PVMA/ Outdoor unit RXM95PVMA

This Series units are best for

  • Heating & cooling one area of your home
  • Compact size

Daikin Split systems are ideal for air conditioning one room or area of a home. Discreet wall-mounted and compact floor standing units are all part of the Daikin range.

Daikin  Benefits

Daikin P-Series wall mounted air conditioners are a natural choice for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings. The same technology that makes the Daikin indoor unit so compact also makes it powerful, yet quiet and energy efficient.

The aesthetic design of the units also has functional appeal. The smooth surface of the flat panel design can be wiped clean and the flat panel easily removed for more thorough cleaning. 

Daikin’s air purifying filters and innovative air flow systems ensure that fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

Daikin’s new P-Series Split System air conditioners also feature the new R32 refrigerant, built in demand response enabled capability (DRED), 2-Area Intelligent Eye* for optimal comfort and efficient operation and Wi-Fi capability for remote operation.

*2-Area Intelligent Eye (Only for 2.0-4.6 kW Class, Intelligent Eye for all other Classes)

R32 Refrigerant
R32 is the next generation in refrigerants that enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ when compared to refrigerant R410A thereby reducing the risk of harm to the environment.
3D Airflow
3D Airflow combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to maintain even temperatures to all corners of your home.
Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED)
DRED allows the electricity provided to independently control the capacity of the system at various pre-programmed levels. In doing so, The electrical provider can then betteris better able to manage the stress placed on the power grid particularly during peak demand.
Clean Air
Some indoor units are design with a Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter. These filters are highly effective in removing bacteria and viruses along with mould and odours to keep your indoor environment clean and healthy.
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